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Because the Lovejoy Library supports scholarship in each and every discipline taught at SIUE, gifts to SIUE’s Library and Information Services benefit the entire University community and ensure that SIUE students, faculty and patrons are provided with the resources needed to conduct world-class research, acquire true knowledge, and create solutions to problems for generations to come.

Every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference.  Thank you for considering the following needs: 

Lovejoy Library Development Fund

The Lovejoy Library offers diverse patrons a welcoming place for inquiry, contemplation, and self-reflection.  When you give to this fund you empower the library to develop their faculty and staff, respond quickly to unforeseen needs, and create programming and access to resources that enrich research and discovery for our University faculty, students and community at large.  Contributions to this flexible fund are at the ready to be disbursed where they are most needed.  

Library Collections Development Fund

Existing funds allow the Library to purchase less than five percent of the new titles published each year. Gifts to the Collections Development fund will help us create significant and permanent solutions for increasing our collections and meeting the needs of increasingly dynamic and technologically sophisticated students and faculty.

Michael E. Yancey Sphinx-man Scholarship Fund

In memory and honor of Michael Yancey, BS Mass Communications '93, a new diversity-focused scholarship has been established.  Gifts to this endowment provide scholarships that support the needs of a first-generation student with average grades because Michael held a special place in his heart for anyone that works hard to get “B’s” and “C’s”.   

University Honors Program Development Fund

Gifts to this fund make it possible to increase programing that develops personal, academic, social and civic growth of SIUE honor students.  By giving to University Honors you will provide funds for state and national honors conferences, and help create awards for outstanding achievements in research, critical thinking, leadership, and community service.

Thank you again for making an impact with your gift!

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