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Every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference.  Your generosity not only invests in the future of our students, it invests in the future of pharmacists, drug research and discovery, and innovative patient care.  Thank you for considering the following needs: 

School of Pharmacy General Scholarship Fund

With over 300 students enrolled in the SIUE School of Pharmacy, this past spring, only 27 students received scholarships from our School. While absolutely grateful to assist these students, there are more students that can use your help.  Currently, the goal of this Fund is to create new recruitment scholarships for incoming pharmacy students.  

SIUE School of Pharmacy Student Emergency Fund

Unexpected challenges can derail a student from fulfilling their educational dreams.  When a student faces a fire and the loss of belongings, a broken-down car in need of repair, or food insecurities, we need to support our affected students.  This fund ensures that the School of Pharmacy can provide emergency assistance to students that are struggling to meet basic needs like food, housing and transportation.   

School of Pharmacy Well-Being and Resilience Development Fund 

Well-being is an important aspect of everyone’s lives and is strongly linked to physical health, happiness, and life satisfaction!  Your gifts to this fund create student events that promote wellness, reduce anxiety, or just provide an outlet to reduce stress and take a break from school/work. 

The School of Pharmacy Alumni Leadership Council Development Fund

This fund was created for our Pharmacy School Alumni to manage.  If you have a sense of pride in the education you received and relationships you made while attending SIUE’s Pharmacy School, you can support alumni initiatives that help our graduates stay connected and advance projects that enable our faculty and students to pursue knowledge without constraint.  

Thank you again for making an impact with your gift!

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